These women’s haircuts are here to stay!

Unlike the recurring styles of men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts and styling can be drastically different. Every year it seems there is a completely new and unique style to be worn. Whether it’s new hair coloring styles, or the blending of two different haircuts into one, women’s haircuts are truly unique. As such, we’ve already been seeing some solid women’s haircuts popping up in 2019, and we reckon these cuts are here to stay!

Below is a list of the more prominent styles we’ve seen over the years. These styles have found their way into 2019, and we don’t think they’re going anywhere for some time to come. The women’s cuts we have listed aren’t in any particular order, so don’t take this list as a popularity contest! Be sure to share your favorite hairstyles and haircuts of the year with us at Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont.

First up is the wavy lob hairstyle. This cut is among our favorites as it resembles a more grown out yet free look of the bob cut. The wavy lob introduces luscious waves and bountiful volume that really livens up the hairstyle. Popular among those who wish to hold a professional look with a bit more freedom, the wavy lob is a fantastic women’s haircut that fits many different fashion styles.

The lob haircut itself is derived from the middle-ground of a bob cut and long hairstyle, hence “lob”. Sitting just above or at shoulder level, the lob found it’s origin some time near the end of the great depression when women favored a longer, more favorable look over the bob cut. This haircut also found more prominence when, during WW2, women began growing their hair long again.

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The shattered bob is another cut that presents a strong look with a bit of a wild flair. We’ve seen this women’s cut pop up more and more recently. And it’s no wonder — the shattered bob looks deceptively simple and straight-to-the-point. Truth be told, the shattered bob haircut has a lot going on.

The bob cut was the best known short women’s haircut of the 1920s. In 1915, it sparked interest Irene Castle, the fashion-forward ballroom dancer, began cut her hair short for the convenience of maintenance, giving the haircut the nickname “castle bob”.

How about a little rock n’ roll? The boho hairstyle conveys a wicked and free-spirited style. Once popular among the rock crowds and, now, often the younger generation, the boho hairstyle is a nice throwback to the 70s and 80s, though, this hairstyle actually goes back over 200 years. The boho haircut is perfect for the artist inside you. It’s laid back, down to earth, and looks absolutely lovely.

The eighties called and said they want their hairstyle back. We declined. The curly fringe haircut is great for those with naturally curly hair who don’t want to deal with the headache of straightening their hair every day. This women’s haircut stands out among crowds and demands some pairing of neon, whether it be lipstick or clothing. If you have curly hair and want a shorter style without all the extra work, consider the beautiful curly fringe cut!

A lot of these women’s haircuts are throwbacks to other periods, however, the asymmetrical undercut is a beautiful blend of modern and futuristic style. The undercut itself was very popular among men in the 20s, so it’s only right that the gals do it some justice! The asymmetrical undercut sports a clean, powerful look and blends a nice short buzz along the sides. We’re certain this cut will gain even more traction in the future when we’re all driving around in flying cars.

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Before and After! ?? Soft wedding glam!

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This haircut screams class and vintage style. The chandelier layered haircut displays a beautifully flowing and wavy style that demands notice. This women’s haircut works well for all occasions, though it stands out especially among formal events. So whether you have a meeting or a wedding to attend, this style will turn heads and get you noticed, for sure. Add in some hair coloring and your chandelier hairstyle will light up rooms.

Powerful style. Crisp lines. What more could you ask for? The strong bob cut is great for exerting confidence and, sometimes, dominance. This is the cut of someone who knows what they want. Someone who made up their mind before even asking a question. The strong bob haircut is excellent for all occasions. Some fear that the cut doesn’t go well with a round face, however, we can tell you this isn’t the case. In fact, this cut looks lovely on everybody.

Picking The Women’s Haircut That Works Best For You.

Some haircuts look better on different people. And we know going for a brand new style without knowing the outcome can provoke great anxiety (we should know!). Unlike the strong bob, not every women’s haircut works for every person. We recommend speaking to an expert hair stylist for the best recommendation. Or, a quick google search should set you right! Whichever style you choose, we’re sure it’ll be one that you’ll fall in love with.

30+ Years of Women’s Haircuts At Vintage Styles Salon.

Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont has over three decades of experience with different women’s haircuts and hairstyles. All of the cuts on this list are ones that we frequently provide, and we’re certain you’ll love your new look.

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