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What Makes Our Fremont Hair Salon Different?

People expect a lot more than mediocrity, these days. People deserve a lot more. You don’t consider anything you do mediocre, so why settle for a mediocre experience? Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont aims to provide stellar service, far above any other Fremont hair salon. It’s our mission to make sure you’ve made the right decision when you visit our salon in Fremont. So then, what sets apart? It’s simple: we make sure each and every one of our salon guests get the best they could ask for. Whether you’re searching for the perfect hairstyle, the best haircut for your look, the best hair coloring — whatever it may be — we want you to know you’re in good hands when you come to our Fremont hair salon.

We know it can be easy to settle for a hair stylist near you, or the beauty salon next door. That’s why when you come through the doors of our Fremont salon, you’re treated just like a member of our family. It’s no wonder why people travel from all over the Bay Area to continuously visit our salon in Fremont. Even better, when you visit Vintage Styles Salon, we don’t want to just make you look great — we want you to feel amazing, too!

Fremont Hair Salon

Our Fremont Hair Salon Has Over 30+ Years Of Experience.

Our staff didn’t just pick up scissors last week and proclaim themselves to be expert hair stylists. No — our hairstylists carry decades of hair cutting and hair coloring experience. That’s because we only want the best for our guests who visit our Fremont hair salon. After all, you wouldn’t let your friend whose only been practicing hairstyling for a week touch your hair, right? Of course not! Your hair is your livelihood. It’s your first impression on others. It’s your identity. We get it. And that’s why we want to make sure all of our visitors know they’re in good hands when they visit our salon in Fremont.

And what else comes with over 30 years of experience? 30 years of different styles and trends. Our hair stylists at Vintage Styles Salon have experience with just about every hairstyle you could imagine. Whether you’re a fella looking for a clean crew cut, a ravishing undercut, or a lady looking for the cute pixie cut or the lovely locks of a chandelier layered cut, we’ve done it all. Bring the entire family by — we’re highly experienced in children’s haircuts, too!

Bay Area residents love to visit our salon in Fremont.

Just because we’re a hair salon in Fremont doesn’t mean we only serve Fremont. In fact, we have several guests visit our salon from all over the Bay Area. Whether it’s the south bay area of San Jose and Milpitas, or the tri-valley area of Pleasanton and Livermore, our guests know they’ve found the right fit for them once they visit. The reason our visitors come all the way to our Fremont hair salon is because of the way we execute our service. Each one of our Fremont hair salon guests is special to us, and we do everything we can to make sure they’ve found the right style that works for them.

So wherever you are in the SF Bay Area, come by Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont for your new style. We promise you’ll be back. And we promise you’ll leave our salon with a great look that best suits you.

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Expert Bay Area hair salon stylists

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The staff at Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont holds over 30+ years of experience in the hair styling industry. It’s our mission to make sure each of our guests finds a style that not only fits them but helps them feel great, too. Sure, it’s easy to settle for a lesser experience when you’ve visited the same salon countless time. You’ve built loyalty. However, our Fremont hair salon is all about creating new relationships with our visitors, ensuring they feel welcome. Below are the stylists who you will find at our Fremont hair salon.


Owner & Hair Stylist


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Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist


Hair Stylist


Massage Therapist
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What should you expect when you visit our hair salon in Fremont?

We’ve got a warning before you visit our hair salon in Fremont: don’t expect average. That’s right. Expect the best. We want to make sure you receive the best possible service and the best cut or style you desire. Our expert hair stylists are always ready to get your next haircut going the way you want. If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, don’t worry! We can help you find a look that fits you best. It’s always fun to be daring. It’s even more fun when you have someone guiding you to the best possible hairstyle you could ask for.


Our Guests Love Our Hair Salon in Fremont!

Whew! It sure looks like we like to rave, but we can’t help it when our Fremont salon guests re-enforce our statements. The reviews for our salon in Fremont are a collection of new and existing customers. They were once on a journey to just get another haircut or get their hair colored, and now they know us all on a first-name-basis! It’s just another testament to the service we strive to provide at Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont.

“You’ll never be disappointed here. The customer service and atmosphere absolutely amazing”

-Hollie R.

“Really different than the other salons in Fremont. Very friendly, and Sarah did a fantastic job with my hair.”

-M. Evans

“Beautiful salon and excellent staff! Sarah and Adrianna have been coloring and styling my hair for years.”

-Sara D.

Visit Our Salon in Fremont!

So there you have it. We’ve stated the reasons why so many people visit our salon in Fremont for their haircut or hairstyling. What are you waiting for? Be sure to get in contact with us so we can book your next hair or makeup appointment at Vintage Styles Salon. It’s our goal to make sure you achieve whatever look or identity you’re going for, and we love every second of it.

Our Fremont hair salon is located on the corner of Grimmer Blvd and Blacow Road, in the Sundale neighborhood. We’re always open to a quick phone call booking, or a quick email. Just be sure to include all the details and we’ll do our best to fit your hairstyling appointment into our books!