Hair Coloring in Fremont, Ca

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Hair coloring That Speaks volumes

fremont ca hair coloring

You’ve got the perfect haircut, now it’s time to stand out from the crowd with hair coloring that speaks volumes without saying a word. Sometimes a splash of hair color is all you need to tie together the perfect, unique look.

You may want to shape a new identity with a full-on hair coloring makeover, or maybe just spice things up with hair highlights. Perhaps you’re feeling bold and want to go for an Ombré?

With decades of hair coloring experience, it’s no wonder why people visit our Fremont Hair Salon more than any other in the Bay Area.

Ready to light up your style? Come by Vintage Styles and get the hair coloring that’s right for you.

Hair Coloring Prices

hair coloring and highlights in Fremont

Hair Coloring & Highlights

Hair Color, Cut, Style$67 & up
Hair Color Only$57 & up
Hair highlights, Cut, Style$100 & up
Partial Highlights$87 & up
Package Foils$10 & up

*Prices updated on 10/07/2018. Individual stylist prices may vary.

Got Questions About Hair Coloring?

fremont ca hair coloring

Home Hair Coloring vs Professional

This is going to come down to personal preference at some point, but if you’re getting your hair colored for the first time, you should absolutely seek professional hair coloring first.

Does Hair Coloring Damage Hair?

If you’re using permanent hair coloring you will need a developer (hydrogen peroxide) to properly lift the hair. Without getting too technical, using the peroxide improperly or changing your hair color too frequently will eventually lead to hair damage. It’s important you stick with a hair coloring you’ll wear for a while, as well as choose a salon that knows how to properly color hair.

How Long Until I can Wash My Hair After Getting it Colored?

After getting your hair colored for the first time, it’s ideal to wait for 48 hours before shampooing your hair. However, 24 hours should be perfectly fine, and should be the bare minimum time you wait to wash your hair after having it colored.

How Long until I can color my hair again?

The time between your first hair coloring until the next time you can color it is going to depend heavily on your specific hair. We’d recommend speaking to one of our stylists at Vintage Styles for an accurate answer.

Help! I got my hair colored and hate it!

Don’t sweat it. One of our stylists will take a look at the current hair color and see what they can do with a color corrective. Most of the time it’s possible to fix the hair coloring.

Hair Coloring Bay Area Residents Love

We love lighting up the Bay Area with unique and stylish hair coloring services. Our stylists have over 30+ years of hair coloring experience and are ready to help you achieve the look you want today! Read some of our reviews and see why we continue to provide the best hair coloring Bay Area residents love!

“You’ll never be disappointed here. The customer service and atmosphere absolutely amazing”

-Hollie R.

“Really different than the other salons in Fremont. Very friendly, and Sarah did a fantastic job with my hair.”

-M. Evans

“Beautiful salon and excellent staff! Sarah and Adrianna have been coloring and styling my hair for years.”

-Sara D.

Get Your Hair Coloring done Today!

Come by and visit Vintage Styles Salon in Fremont. Our salon is located at Meadow Square in the South Sundale neighborhood, just in between Blacow road and Grimmer Blvd, right down the street from Irvington Highschool. Our booking fills up fast, so be sure to plan ahead when scheduling your salon visit and book your appointment online today. It’s fast, easy, and we’ll get you taken care of ASAP.